Yanagi  Sashimi  Shobu  Tako-hiki  Fugu-hiki

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It is called yanagiba in the Kanto district and shobu in the Kansai district. A short while ago, this type of knife was considered a Kansai-style sashimi knife, but today it is used to slice sashimi even in Kanto. It is called shobu since its shape looks like an iris (which is called shobu in Japanese).


Since it is sharp and long from hamoto (heel) to kissaki (point), you can slice sashimi in one stroke, making the cut surface beautiful. It maximizes the taste because its sharp edge does not damage the cells of food. It is called “Shobu” in the Kansai district and “Yanagiba” in the Kanto district. The “Fuguhiki” used for slicing pufferfish is thinner compared with other sashimi knives.