Tadasuke Kiritsuke Yanagi Ginsan 270mm

Tadasuke Kiritsuke Yanagi Ginsan 270mm

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Now this Sakai Tadasuke Kiritsuke Yanagi knife 270mm is on sale.


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The kiritsuke style knife has a triangular kissaki (the blade top/point) that is considered as Tokyo knife style. The advantage of this syle is that it does not get chipped on the top easily and keeps its original shape easier when sharpening.


The blade material of this Tadasuke Kiritsuke Yanagi knife is made of Ginsan. Ginsan or Gingami No.3 is a stainless steel commonly used to make Japanese knives because it is close to carbon steel, easy to sharpen, and highly resistant to rust.


Highly recommended for professional sushi chefs. 


BLADE: Ginsan
HANDLE: Magnolia - Octagon
FERRULE: Buffalo Bone