Tadasuke Deba Shirogami 165mm

Tadasuke Deba Shirogami 165mm
All Tadasuke Knives are produced from Sakai city.They are carefully selected by specialist in Sakai for us.

The Deba Bocho was designed for mainly filleting fish. The blade of this knife compared to other knives is thicker and heavier to allow for the knife to cut through the bones of fish. This knife can also be used to cut small chicken bones.

This 165mm size is most commonly used by professionals.

BLADE: Shirogami (kasumi)
HANDLE: Normal Type
FERRULE: Buffalo Bone
(The color of buffalo ferrule can't be chosen. It is usually black.)


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¥ 14,500(€121,80)

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*Tax included.

*2,000JPY(€16,80) will be added per order as a shipping fee.


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